Educational Benefits

Benefits from Michael Bayard's Rhythm Magic are numerous:

  1. "Our World Is on a Pulse" teaches an awareness that we are surrounded by rhythm. It can be found in our own heart beat, pulsating waves and tides of the ocean, the changing of the seasons, and the rotation of the Earth that brings us day and night. Everything has rhythm at its core.

  2. "A World of Color" begins with the fundamental categories of percussion instruments: wood, metal, and skin. This is followed by examining the individuality of each instrument. The important concepts stressed are the sensitivity, refinement, ethnicity, and beauty inherent in each percussion instrument. Your students will learn that these instruments can be played with delicate nuance, not just in a loud and aggressive manner.

  3. "A World in Harmony" teaches students to work together and listen to each other in harmony. This form of teamwork is the fundamental principle behind ensemble playing. This segment is invaluable in developing students' focus and concentration, and teaches an appreciation of how their own part relates to those of others in the ensemble.

Students and faculty will enjoy Mr. Bayard's positive and enthusiastic approach to music and to living. They will witness, first hand, how his many years of practice have resulted in excellence. The presentation will leave the students uplifted and excited about music, themselves, and life.