Media on Michael Bayard

“Michael Bayard created wonderfully evocative sounds on his percussion instruments. It was indeed an outstanding and astonishing performance.” - The Sacramento Bee
“Mr. Bayard's mallet virtuosity was apparent, as he whirled through the challenging composition, finishing up with four mallets on the marimba.” - The Philadelphia Inquirer
“Bayard evoked sound that was sometimes delicate, restless, and mysterious.” - The Florida Times-Union
“Michael Bayard was showcased in a spectacular display of percussion instruments. Every surface Bayard attacked was precisely tuned. The effect was startlingly fine.” - The Monterey County Herald
“Mr. Bayard's demonstration of ancient percussion instruments was deep-felt and compelling, leaving the audience visibly awe-struck.” - Pierce County Herald, WA
“Michael Bayard's performance, mostly on drums and mallet instruments, won the audience over. The music ranged wildly from rugged, fascinating passages, to soaring mellifluous statements on the sustained percussion instruments.” - The Santa Rosa Press Democrat
“Mr. Bayard dynamically raised the decibel quotient with his hypnotic, driving rhythms.” - The Stockton Record
“Bayard is an intense musician who is only satisfied with perfection - and that is why he is such a gifted performer.” - KXPR, Sacramento, CA
“Michael Bayard's electrifying percussion performance provided unremitting excitement.” - The Sacramento Bee