Outline of Program

Michael Bayard's Rhythm Magic is a dynamic program based on three principles that explore a multi-cultural legacy:

  1. demonstration
  2. interactive dialogue with students
  3. hands-on participation

and concludes with a brilliant improvisation.

The presentation itself expands over a three-part design:

1. Rhythm: "Our World is on a Pulse"

Starting from a simple heart beat, taken at the moment, Mr. Bayard establishes a basic beat and tempo and builds a tapestry of rhythmic complexity-with decidedly rock and roll overtones.

2. Percussion: "A World of Color"

Mr. Bayard explores, explains, and displays the different colors (timbres) common within the percussion ensemble.

3. Percussion Ensemble: "A World in Harmony"

Students are asked to join Mr. Bayard in a hands-on-demonstration. Students come up one by one, and each is taught a short rhythmic phrase on a percussion instrument. Eventually an entire ensemble evolves, with the students respecting each other, supporting each other, and working as a team.