“The students in our two schools were spellbound during your assemblies. You have a natural gift of entertaining, educating, and energizing others.” Gene Sharratt, Superintendent North Central Educational School District
“The students chosen to participate in your performance felt very special and will never forget the opportunity you gave to them.” Nancy C. Lucia, Principal Sierra-Enterprise Elementary School
“Your variety of percussion instruments kept the students’ interest throughout the program, and your facility with the instruments was greatly appreciated and admired by everyone. As a teacher, I appreciated the integration of science, math, social studies, and music. It was a fun and enriching assembly.” Kathleen Edwards, Teacher Bowman Elementary School
“I am still feeling the magic from your performance, and remembering the delight on the children’s faces as they actively participated. Your knowledge, organization, involvement with students and faculty, and concern for every detail of your performance were extremely impressive. Your energy and enthusiasm were contagious. You did a wonderful job of intertwining your rhythm throughout the curriculum, making the learning process effortless, fun, and highly educational. Thank you again for making such a difference in so many lives, by sharing your incredible talents.” Debbie Diestler, Teacher Prairie Elementary School
“Your presentation, timing and level of student involvement was great! The program was entertaining, yet instructional in that students learned how to read music fairly quickly and became aware of the need for team work.” Reinaldo P. Genera, Principal Rhoda Maxwell Elementary
“Honestly Michael, your Rhythm Magic music assembly was one of the BEST academic and music assemblies I have experienced in 21 years of education.” Catherine Puckett, Learning Director and Parent John Muir School, Merced County
“I'm sure you witnessed the tremendous enthusiasm of our students - it comes only by delivery and talent such as Michael Bayard's.” Don Caldeira, Principal Mission Avenue Open School
“Mr. Bayard introduced a variety of sounds and rhythm patterns, captivating the young people. His ability to share his historical and cultural backgrounds enhanced the program. In addition, the pacing was excellent; and students eagerly responded to the interactive activities. On our playground later, our students could be heard extending the sound exercises.” Sandra J. Gallardo, Director of Elementary Education Folsom-Cordova Unified School District
“I was delighted we could arrange to have you perform before all our K-8 students although it meant you needed to conduct three assemblies. Your ability to engage different age groups in these assemblies is to be commended. You did an excellent job of assuring your message was appropriate for each of your audience grade levels.” Tom Changnon, Assistant Superintendent Keyes Union Elementary School District
To: Principals & Music Teachers
From: Richard Jukes, Assistant Superintendent: Newman-Crows Landing School District, Stanislaus County
Date: Wednesday, January 13, 2010
Subject: Rhythm Magic

I just want to share with you a phenomenal experience our Bonita students had during Red Ribbon Week last week. With the generous help of our parents' club and our TUPE funding, we were able to bring in Michael Bayard’s "Rhythm Magic" program for a whole school assembly. It was captivating to say the least. I rarely promote or "stump" for assembly "speakers" and have rarely been so impressed with a program presenter as I was with Michael and his program.

Mr. Bayard had the students 100% engaged throughout the "Drums, Not Drugs" theme and his interactive teaching. He incorporated social studies, health, music, science, math and language throughout the hour long program and truly touched students and staff.

Later that day, one particularly difficult, troubled student, on his own, sought out Michael and genuinely thanked him for his beautiful music! The music had a deep effect on him. I know it had a deep effect on me.

I highly recommend consideration of Michael Bayard's dynamic, inspirational program. You can learn more at his web site and review his impressive credentials. He does custom shows for all ages and for adult/corporate leadership groups.

Michael Bayard’s Web Site is: www.rhythmmagic.com

“Your ability to talk to students and entertain at the same time is a true gift.” Thomas P. Shearer, Principal Harry S. Truman Middle School
“It has inspired them to enjoy the sound and pulse of the universe. The program was highly integrated. It taught the children about communication and listening skills. It also showed the importance of music as it related to the remainder of the curriculum, specifically math, science, imagination and social behavior.” Jean M. Willoughby, Principal Phoebe Apperson Hearst Elementary School
“Thank you so much for coming to our school. You made an impression on so many of the kids. They loved it! I am the band teacher, as well as a 5th grade teacher, and as a result of your visit I am able to reemphasize listening and enjoyment of making music. After you came, I had 13 kids sign up to play the drums!” Lynnette Chertonsky, Teacher Matsuyama Elementary School