"Best Of" Videos

Michael Bayard on Cymbals with Sacramento Symphony

Michael Bayard performs on cymbals with the Sacramento Symphony, Carter Nice Conducting, Vintage 1992.

Michael Bayard: Improvisation on Skin Drums

Bayard performs polyrhythmic improv on congas and bongos.

Michael Bayard: Microphone Drops on Conga Drum

Note the microphone dropping on the conga drum after Mr. Bayard's first drum stroke. Mr. Bayard recovers without missing a beat!

Rhythm Magic

Michael Bayard: Single Stroke Snare Drum Roll

Michael Bayard executes a single stroke roll on snare drum, accelerating from slow to extreme velocity. The word "Basement" in the title refers to Michael's basement in Flushing, Queens, New York -where Michael grew up, and as a child practiced the rudiments of snare drum relentlessly.

Michael Bayard: "Spin Cycle" Laundry Washer Drumming Improv

Percussionist Michael Bayard performs a groundbreaking drumming improvisation on the surface of an out - of -balance laundry washing machine, as it is wobbling, rolling and pulsing in spin cycle mode- with wet jeans inside.

Michael Bayard: Mallet Mania on Marimba and Vibraphone

In this rare, vintage television appearance in 1976, Michael Bayard and Andrew Power perform the "Galop" music from Adolphe Adam's ballet "Giselle." Mr. Bayard and Mr. Power perform this original adaptation on the marimba and the vibraphone. Note the "Dr Who" hair style of Mr. Bayard, as well as the very 1970's tuxedos - with the large lapels on the jackets, as well as the ruffled tuxedo shirts. Finally, note the huge black bow ties - one would assume you could squirt water out of them.