Drums Not Drugs

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An Inspiring Program for Young People

A Positive Approach to Prevention

Renowned percussionist and motivational speaker Michael Bayard offers to schools throughout Northern California "Drums Not Drugs", a celebration of healthy lifestyles through music and rhythm. Drums Not Drugs is an accessible and emotionally uplifting program for students of all ages.

An Inspiring Program for Young People

Michael Bayard has reached more than 500,000 students through more than 900 performances of Rhythm Magic! and Drums Not Drugs during the past seven years. His own healthy lifestyle represents a wonderful role model for students, and his talent and accessibility inspire students of all ages.

Michael Bayard, A Role Model for Students

Without lecturing or stressing the negative effects of addiction, Mr. Bayard demonstrates the benefits of a healthy lifestyle. The program builds self-esteem and a productive outlook on life through student interaction, understanding different cultures and building positive character traits such as personal responsibility.